Saturday, November 6, 2010

A welcome addition to my sewing kit

These are pressing hams.  (If you're not familiar with them, pressing hams are used for pressing curved areas like sleeves.  They're stuffed very firmly, so you can fit the ham into the curve, and then press against it.)  They belonged to a good family friend, who passed them on to my mom years ago.  My mom is a master quilter, but doesn't do much apparel sewing, and in preparation for the Lady Grey coat project, she passed them on to me!

A while back, the selfish seamstress discussed the merits of adding pressing hams to her minimalist collection of sewing tools.  Like her, I've been making do with a rolled-up towel for a while now.  But there's a lot of steaming and pressing involved in the Lady Grey project, and I know having the right tools will make that process easier, and perhaps yield better results.  Plus, when you consider that these hams were free, willingly offered, and have sentimental value, it was a no-brainer!

I love the geekery of old-school sewing tools like these--in fact, the Mr. and I share a geeky love of tools of all sorts.  I'm excited to add these hams to our collection.

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